vol. 2(1) 2019

PSASLib-Link is published  twice a year by Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Springer Nature. The newsletter invites contributions from librarians, information scientists, educators, administrators, publishers, and other interested persons. Published online in June and December.

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(1) Cover

(2) Editorial note, guide to contributors, format, copyright

(3) Springer Nature online quiz

(4) Read@Uni UPM launching to enhance reading culture at tertiary stage

(5) Springer Nature roundtable in Malaysia

(6) Plagiarism reduction using keywords sequence technique

(7) Library reference services – ask us

(8) Donating materials to the library

(9) UPM e-Theses

(10) First machine generated book by Springer Nature

(11) Different ways of saying ‘information’

(12) New Nature Titles in 2019 & Nature’s 150th Anniversary

(13) PSAS collection highlights

(14) Something you may not know…